Boy-howdy it’s been a while since I brewed some beer!   Too long in fact.  The inside of my converted chest freezer is cold, lonely and neglected.  This travesty must end.

So indeed, it has.


To get back on the horse, or, back in the bag so to speak, I went for a simple 3 gallon BIAB recipe.  I had some grain on hand, hops to use and a bit o’ time.  Nothing fancy, nothing overly technical and really just the right way to get some beer in the household.

I wanted something in the range of 1.060 OG, 60-75 IBU’s and designed to chase away long cold days on a steelhead river.  I have a trip planned for later this month with Mr. Dawson and 6 other punters.  I thought a 3 gallon keg would be a nice donation to the beer-ammo dump.

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So, a relaxed brew day on my stove, while I tie some new streamer patterns.



6 lbs – US 2-Row

1 lb – Crystal 60 (don’t hate)

Hops –

.5 oz – Chinook – 45 minutes

.5 oz – Chinook – 10 minutes

1 oz – Palisade – 10 minutes

1 oz – Zythos – 5 minutes

1 oz. – Centennial – 3 minutes

Yeast –

1 packet – US – 05

Notes –

Mash at 152 degrees for 75 minutes with full volume.  No sparge.  Remove grains and bag, bring to boil. Make wort. Started fermentation at 62 degrees.  Fermentation after 24 hours, done in 4 days.  On day 6, add Biofine, move to converted chest freezer and cold-crash.  Transfer on day 7 to 3 gallon keg.  Place in converted chest freezer and leave for another 7 days, carbonate on days 15/16, tap by day 17.  Drink fresh, drink much and drink fast.