So Fresh.

As host/professor of Better Beer Society University, I get to teach some bitchin’ curriculum.  Our third class covered wet/fresh hopped beers from MN breweries.  We had Surly’s WET, Lift Bridge’s Harvestor, Indeed Brewing Company’s Fresh Hop Ale, and Town Hall Brewery’s Fresh Hop 100 Ale.  All four were exceptional, and made my students rather happy and hopped up.

We also had some of the brewers on hand to talk about the beers.  Matt Hall from Lift Bridge, Beener from Surly, and Mike Hoops from Town Hall all dropped some knowledge and shared their thoughts on each others’ beers, and this whole hop craze thing.

The highlight of the evening was getting to try Town Hall’s offering, 5 days before it went public.  A real treat.  And it delivered…with only Simcoe leaf hops used in the entire batch, it had people chatting and smiling…enough for me to have to crack my ruler and tell the kids to keep it down.

Mike hooked up the brewers (and professor of course) with a growler each of the beer.

Huge thanks to Matt Hall, Beener, Mike, Indeed, Republic and all the great BBSU volunteers.

You shall know it by the trail of awesomeness

Fresh Simcoe leaf hops all the way through.  Citrus and mango fruit aroma, dankness, no cat pissyness, and a pitch perfect malt balance.  My vote for best Fresh/Wet hopped beer this year so far.

  One thought on “So Fresh.

  1. Mike
    October 9, 2012 at 1:53 am

    Just had a friend send me a few cans of Wet – what an epic beer.

    Is there by chance a class scheduled during Darkness weekend?

  2. Charlie
    October 9, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Will you ever fill your fans in on what happened at Northern Brewer with you guys? I’ve bought a ton of stuff since you left and would have normally bought from NB but I mainly shopped there to support your show and you guys. I’ve been buying from my lhbs which isn’t really local and Midwest. Thanks.

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