Into The Maw

Kristen England and BJ Haun started Pour Decisions Brewery a while back, and through perseverance, blood, sweat and whiskey they started serving their beers to the public late this Summer, and opened the brewery/taproom to the public on October 14th. England is buddy from a good while back.  He's a crazy nut.  So crazy that... Continue Reading →

Back in the Bag

Boy-howdy it's been a while since I brewed some beer!   Too long in fact.  The inside of my converted chest freezer is cold, lonely and neglected.  This travesty must end. So indeed, it has. To get back on the horse, or, back in the bag so to speak, I went for a simple 3 gallon... Continue Reading →

Weekend Warriors

Banged out these little warriors this past weekend.  Perfect way to stay busy while the little dude paints, the rain falls, and scratch needs that itch. Damn...I need to brew some beer.


I raise a beer to everyone connecting in meat-space; on the river, in a pub, over dinner with your family, while brewing, etc. I will forever value these times. On the last weekend of the MN trout season, I spent some time with my wife's family.  My son played with his grandparents, we spent time... Continue Reading →

So Fresh.

As host/professor of Better Beer Society University, I get to teach some bitchin' curriculum.  Our third class covered wet/fresh hopped beers from MN breweries.  We had Surly's WET, Lift Bridge's Harvestor, Indeed Brewing Company's Fresh Hop Ale, and Town Hall Brewery's Fresh Hop 100 Ale.  All four were exceptional, and made my students rather happy... Continue Reading →

Unearthed – two

Four more works uncovered while diving into old files.  For about three years (from 2005 - 2008) I was working with a hatch/pattern motif, which I still employ today.  These were some of the first to place an object/subject within the composition on that pattern motif.  I consider these to be the foundation of what... Continue Reading →

October Bronze

70 degrees at the start of October.  Skinny water on the Big Muddy.  Trees make for a great back-drop.  Stripping some big streamers with the occasional popper.  Good day on the river with a good friend.  A simple program for good memories.

Rainbows in the Dark

In so many ways, this project touches on the things that make me who I am.  The fusion of art, fly-fishing, and beer is nothing new to the make up of my personality, but I've never had all three come together in such power-chord like harmony, and never at such an opportune time.   I'll... Continue Reading →

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