For the last week or so, I’ve been pursuing some Future Time.

Family, close ones, fishing, and art at the forefront.  Some nice beers have been had along the way.

Leaving the parts of the past that belong in the past, and building on the parts that count towards one’s future = stoke.

I thought I’d share a bit of my stoke.


Landed the biggest Walleye I’ve ever caught (ever), miles from my house the other night.  Moonlit waters, bait-fish getting crashed on shore.  Finally stuck this guy with a gnarly white streamer, fast strip.

Landed a mural gig for Pour Decisions Brewery.  My man Kris England and his biz/brewing partner B. J. are unveiling their beers this week on local taps after some serious perseverance to get the brewery up and running.  I’ve been tasked with rocking a mural in time for the opening of their taproom.

That’s the wall
Sketch for the mural. Orange blob will likely be cut from the team.

Landed a commission for the Artists Series for Allen Fly-Fishing.  Super pumped  about this project.  I’ve been tasked with delivering a Rainbow Trout…..shit, Rainbow in the Dark!

And, I got the chance to fish “Dave’s Lake” with my Dad.  “Dave’s” is sort of a legend of a lake.  I like it that way, and I cherish every-time I get to fish it.  Tons of sunfish, crappies and super aggressive Pike getting their Fall bite on.  Heading back up there this week with The Toad, pike on the brain.

Stay on a high frequency everybody.

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