A Path Set Forth

Water Sabbath is out of our heads and officially in that never-ending mess of “making”. We’ve begun filming, we’re making art, we’re off and running with the idea. Someone this past weekend asked, “so…what is this Water Sabbath thing?”, my response was and is, “I’m not sure yet…but it has me stoked.” Sometimes you have to throw yourself into something…


2021 will mark the beginning of a new project between me and my good friend Mike Thienes. “Water Sabbath is the collaborative project between Mike Thienes (Filmmaker) and Jake Keeler (Visual Artist). It explores the idea of water and the outdoors as filters that open doors of creativity, peace, and meaning beyond the daily grind.”  Follow us on Instagram: @watersabbath…


Starting today, everything on my Etsy page is 15% off – the sale runs until 11/29/20. I’ve got 4 new prints, and about 11 new small sketches – all reasonably priced. Cheers!

Act Natural

So much uncertainty. I’m not immune to it; none of us are.  But I’m careful to not become entangled in the pursuit of creating certainty and control where chaos is the dominating factor. In my mind, this pursuit encourages one to succumb to fear, worse-case scenarios and playing to “not lose”. 

Step Up & Help – sale and donations

I will be donating 100% of the money made from art sales through June 2020 to two organizations fighting for social justice and rebuilding a community in need. The donations will be split 50/50. One half will go the Southern Poverty Law Center and the other half will go to the Midway United Fund. To kick this off, I am…

Lock down & look ahead…

Been a while. Needless to say I guess, but my plans for 2020 have been thrown out and the past months have been spent reassessing life, art, fishing..everything. I’m sure it’s not too different from what y’all are going through. During this time I did manage to finish a handful of works, get some prints made and get out on…

Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo – March 20th – 22nd

The Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo is just around the corner. Once again I will be showing and selling my work alongside Ted Hansen, Charlie Forbes and Josh DeSmit.  Together we show as the MN Fly Fishing Artists. Like last year, Charlie will be inking people up, while the rest of us will be creating work and talking shop with…


It’s 2020. As I stare down another rotation around the sun, it occurs to me I may have lost track of something… Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is my purpose?  Nah mean?  Started losing the story-arc and got caught up in the details.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone that spent a bit of their hard-earned cash-money on my art these past few weeks during my 50% off Holiday sale. Some art will have forever homes, and some stickers will adorn fly boxes, drift boats, tying desks and sketchy dive-bar bathrooms in 2020 and beyond.

7 Years

I was reminded this morning of a mural I completed 7 years ago.