Crash Course

I'm extremely fortunate to share many of my adventures & projects with great friends. “The Crash” has come to signify that sense of fortune for me. Eternal gratitude to my good buddies Kyle Zempel, Brian Koll and T.C. Worley for sharing this experience with me. TC did an amazing job filming everything, and once again Kyle... Continue Reading →

25% off all art and merch!

My 25% off sale on Etsy starts today and runs through 8/24/19. This includes all originals, stickers and buttons. Click here to shop. 25% of the money made will be donated to Save Bristol Bay  as part of the AFFTA's Day for Bristol Bay campaign. It's a great to get some rad art and contribute... Continue Reading →


The end of Winter and the whole of Spring went fast. Maybe too fast. The first half of Summer has been no different.  It has been punctuated by some life/career changes for the family, building of friendships, and the shuffling of other relationships as I grow older, shoulder new responsibility and reevaluate who I am... Continue Reading →

Some new works & stuff…

Holy moly...haven't laid down some words and images here in a good bit.  I've been busy making work and getting "stuff" lined up. I banged out a new body of work which incorporates some of my favorite fish and subject matter, but utilizes acrylics in a new an exciting way to help contrasts the more... Continue Reading →


Earlier this year I set out to limit my media choices for one year.  Black and white, or somewhere there abouts was the goal.  I found out a few things, and I'm glad I did it.  But now, month later, I realize I need some color.  But maybe not as much as I used to...... Continue Reading →

30% off all work on Etsy

Howdy folks. I'm running a 30% off sale on all original works and stickers via my Etsy page. The sale will run 10/26/18 - 11/2/18. I'm running this sale to raise awareness and funds to support efforts by the Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters in their current mission: "Minnesota's iconic public lands are under attack from... Continue Reading →

Spirit Beasts and a new path…

  I finally completed the piece that helped break a creative stagnation.  The piece, Spirit Beasts (Andre's GT), is actually the second version I created for Andre Van Wyck.  The first was in the vein of my works from the last 3 or 4 years; seemed solid when it began.  Eventually, I came to the... Continue Reading →

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