Spirit Beasts and a new path…

  I finally completed the piece that helped break a creative stagnation.  The piece, Spirit Beasts (Andre's GT), is actually the second version I created for Andre Van Wyck.  The first was in the vein of my works from the last 3 or 4 years; seemed solid when it began.  Eventually, I came to the... Continue Reading →

Crash Camp 2018

All photos courtesy Kyle Zemple Photography Crash Camp 2018.  What can I say? It started years ago when I started seeing some fishing vids on social media covering what some guy was calling "The Crash". I couldn't quite place what I was seeing; I'd never seen smallmouth act like they were in these vids, and... Continue Reading →

The New Jam

Long time no rap about art. I've been busy the last 8-12 months with work, family, fishing and life in general.  All great, all fulfilling and all to be continued. As I've had time to step away from art-making, being an artist and generally thinking about my work, it's given me some perspective on where... Continue Reading →

MN Muskie T-Shirt with CHUX

Yo!  Stoked to present my MN Muskie t-shirt - a collaboration with my good buddies at CHUX. On sale through June.  You pick one up here: http://www.chuxprint.com/shop/collab18 Cheers!

Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo

YO!  I'll be showing my work this weekend (3/16 - 3/18) at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo I've joined forces with my good buddies Charlie Forbes, Ted Hansen and Josh Desmit as the Minnesota Fly Fishing Artists; a monicker we've adopted to present our work as a collective. We're following the lead of our... Continue Reading →

Finding balance

Original posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds on 12/4 Like some of you, I’ve been feeling enraged by a seemingly unending series of “wtf is wrong with our president, government, society...where the fuck is our heart and soul?”.   In times when I cannot find the right sequence of words, I seek refuge and... Continue Reading →

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