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Finding balance

Original posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds on 12/4
Like some of you, I’ve been feeling enraged by a seemingly unending series of “wtf is wrong with our president, government, society…where the fuck is our heart and soul?”.
In times when I cannot find the right sequence of words, I seek refuge and guidance towards action in the things that matter to me the most; family, friendship, art (making stuff!), and fishing (being outside essentially). So I thought of yesterday.

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Holiday Sale & New Stickers

I’ve added an array of stickers for sale through my Etsy page, just in time for the gift giving season.

Along with these new offerings, I’ve also put all originals and my Elders t-shirt on sale for 25% off from 11/24 to 12/1.  No coupon to plug in, the price will already reflect the discount. Stickers are not included in this offer.

I will ship orders placed during this time out before December 8th – enough time to arrive to you, or directly to someone else.


Joey’s Buck

Joey’s Buck | 2017 | 48″ x 16″ | Pen and ink on wood

I started this commission sometime in the Summer (I think).  It took longer then needed, but I’m pretty stoked on how it turned out.  It’s one of a few recent commissions I’ve taken on.  In the past I have done a fair amount of commissions for commercial clients, but I very rarely do commissions for private clients; partly time, partly interest.  But, I’m thinking of changing that up – recent commissions have been fun, engaging, challenging and if I may, lucrative.  I feel it could open up a new door for me as an artist, so at the very least I’m cracking it open and looking beyond the threshold.

If you are interested in commissioning me to create a piece hit me up at  I’m still sorting out the process, guidelines and scope of work, but if clients’ are patient, I’m willing to work together.


Get 50% through October 31st!

Only a few days left to score 50% off works on my Etsy site and raise some moola for Soul River Inc. – Runs Wild, Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters and Trout Unlimited Alaska #nopebblemine – follow the link and maybe find something that would look above the tying bench! Use coupon code GET50GIVE100 – Cheers!

Show at Bad Weather Brewing!

Swing by! Drinks some beers! See some art!



New works

Master of Reality (Emerald Waters) | 2017 | 24″ x 48″ | Mixed media on wood panel

Some new works are coming out of the studio. Some long awaited, some quickly turned.  More new work and news in the coming weeks.

Cutthroat | 2017 | 21″ x 9″ | Pen and in on wood panel
Dying Lords of Autumn | 2017 | 16″ x 10″ | Pen and ink on paper
Buck study | 2017 | 13″ x 11.5″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

50% off…100% given – Let’s do this!


Doing it again. The fight goes on.  To be sure, since I last did this the picture hasn’t become better…in fact I would argue it has gotten worse. I could do a deep-dive into my feelings and opinions about our current administration, it’s cabinet, and general state of affairs in America right now – believe me, I have drafted post after post and each time my words look back at me empty, and inadequate.

But I’m an optimist and doer at the core of my soul – when I get angry, when I feel challenged, my instinct is to get to work; turn that anger into something constructive. I made a plan and I’m sticking to it.

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Freshwater drum on my “local” river

2 sessions in the last 5 days on rivers that are quickly becoming favorites of mine.

One stretch of river being famliar territory for browns and brook trout of respectable caliber and the other being a familiar river, yet new stretch. This new stretch has promise. Some solid smallmouth and a few drums (sheepshead) with the chance for various suckers, walleyes, catfish and even some browns (two spotted) roaming near a spring creek confluence.

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Studio Notes #3

Tools of prep
15 panels prepped and ready to be transformed. To me, this is a true sign of the start; a delberate step in the process.

I’m not too picky about the panels. They’re relatively inexpensive, readily available and utilitarian. But I make sure they have some interesting patterns in the grain to add depth, texture and feel to the composition. 

Laying down a matte acrylic varnish is clutch – this will help prevent the wet media (inks and water colors) from bleeding, which allows me to get sharp edges and control the media a bit more purposefully.

Finally, sanding the edges – no one likes splinters. Then they get stacked in some sort of fashion in my studio awaiting the first pencil marks.

Being prepared has always been important to me as an artist. There is nothing worse then realizing you don’t have the right media, the time, the idea or in this case the surface/object on which to create your vision. 

Time to get after it. 

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