New works..and thanks!

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Energy Weapons! | 2015 | 12" x 12" | Mixed media on wood panel

                  Energy Weapons! | 2015 | 12″ x 12″ | Mixed media on wood panel

I’ve finished a couple new works in the past week, which feels grand.  Fishing has pretty much ended as the temps have finally dropped, and the duties of the holidays begin (not complaining…I love this time of year).  I’m excited to tackle a bevy of other works, and start some new series though.  Gonna turn it up for 2016!


Firebirds! Energy Weapons!

“Firebirds! Energy weapons! Both of these things are interesting to me I don’t care how you get them I need them both and I need them urgently” – Clutch

In the coming months I’ll have a bunch of cool things to share; rad projects and things with rad people/companies.

For now, I hope you dig some of these new works, and I hope you have a Thanksgiving full of good food, good libations, and great people.  Cheers!

Winter's Howl | 2015 | 11" x 14" | Mixed media on wood panel

Winter’s Howl | 2015 | 11″ x 14″ | Mixed media on wood panel


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Winter's Howl

WIP – Winter’s Howl

The temps are holding steady in the 50’s.  What the hell?  I’m not complaining, this extended Fall has been fantastic.  It’s made the fishing pretty sweet.  More chances to get out, and the fish are around, some really big fish in fact.



But, as nice as these warm days are, this is about the time of the year I welcome the Winter’s Howl.  I enjoy being sent inside, into the studio, and hunkering down for the long haul with dozens of drawing, plenty of libations, and a forced regiment of creativity.

I need it right now.  I have a bazillion unfinished works that need the assistance of a below zero environment.  I have a few smallie pieces, at least two steelhead joints, some skulls, and a few other assorted works to complete.  I finished a couple though, like “Firebirds!”, below…so there is hope.  Apparently, I still know how to drag myself across that arbitrary finish line.  I still care.

Firebirds! | 2015 | 12" x 12" | Pen and ink on wood panel

Firebirds! | 2015 | 12″ x 12″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

But the fishing.  It’s a problem.  Well, it’s always a problem when balancing against studio time; with a free afternoon, evening, day, etc do you go fishing, or do you crank up the tunes, grab a beverage and draw, draw, draw? This weather ain’t helping.  You can imagine the decision matrix when the temps are in the 50’s and you KNOW the fish are getting their feed-bag on, as they’re awaiting the Winter’s Howl too.

Climate Change – more fishing, less drawing?

Everyone is ready for the cold.  How long can we play this waiting game?  Like I said, no complaints.  It’ll come, it always does.  And when it does, I’ll be drawing up a storm in my new studio.  Until then, maybe I’ll keep running to the river to catch walleyes on the fly.  Why not right?

It is true fortune to live a life where the toughest decision on a given day is, “fish, or draw?”.

Celebrate amigos…and keep those frequencies high.

Not the droids we're looking for

Not the droid we were looking for

Fishing is Cool

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Stalking tailing redfish in Northern FL. Photo; Capt. Rich Santos

                       Stalking tailing redfish in Northern FL. Photo: Capt. Rich Santos

I posted this to my personal FB page the other day, and I thought it was worth repeating on my blog.  *it’s been updated…

The gift of fishing: my dad calls me. He wants to know about my day of fishing with a guide in FL this past weekend; I recount every fish and pertinent detail. We then turn to his recent trip to the Rainy River – temps were up so they fished the lake, walleyes were caught regardless. Smallies were around, but the wind kept him from breaking out the 8 weight. He then asked if I wanted to hunt for muskies on Minnetonka this weekend…had to pass, but we’ll look ahead to the next outing as long as the water is open.

I’m forever grateful that both my pops and mom instilled a love for the outdoors and fishing in me, and my brother.

38 years on this earth and fishing is still a current that connects me to family and close friends…that’s some pretty cool shit.

*My dad called me tonight to report on his muskie excursion…he had a 48 incher follow, and snub his fly.  I continue to contend that fishing is some pretty cool shit.


A Chrome to Red Fall

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Gator Smallie in the works

September has come and the leaves are already falling.  Temps will start pushing down tomorrow, so a trip to fish pike, smallies, and muskie on Mille Lacs is in order; truth be told it’s long overdue and Labor Day offered the only window.  Sometimes things align. Wish this punter luck…

The atmosphere is shifting quickly to the short window or excellent fishing here in MN.  It’s going to be a battle of work travel vs. fishing excursions, with all the usually duties of the good life at play.  I’ll get my chances on the water, and in the studio.

The studio is bumping, and jaunts on the jet-planes offer plenty of sketchbook time.  I’m guessing my subjects will follow the fish I hope to chase this Fall –  Steelhead for a few days on the Brule, a day of Redfish in Jacksonville, Brown Trout here or there, most definitely some Bronzebacks on the Mississippi and if all goes well the iridescent greens of MN’s apex predator…but I will settle for plenty of greens in the Pikerel color-range.

My favorite season.

My Summer in art has been defined by laboring away at some new works, and thinking a lot about how art has ebbed and flowed in my life. It’s always been there, but I don’t think it’s ever felt as right as it does now. It has me excited about what art is to me, and where it’s going, in a way that I’ve never felt.

I’ve got some cool things cooking…it’s some bitchin’ stuff; that’s all I can divulge right now. At least 3 projects over the next year and a half or so that I’m super stoked on. The deadlines are keeping me on track.

For the last 3 years, I can feel a steady stream of ideas and work keeping me occupied, and happy. I have to give thanks to both Evan with Allen Fly Fishing and Nathan with Brainoil; without these dudes encouraging me to crank out work for their respective projects a few years back, I wouldn’t be on this path. I also need to give thanks to my family and close friends – without their support (which has been there since day one) I would never have the confidence to keep truckin’.

Rainbow in the Dark #2 | 2012 | 12" x 12" | Pen, ink and watercolor on paper

Rainbow in the Dark #2 | 2012 | 12″ x 12″ | Pen, ink and watercolor on paper

Further, I need to give thanks to everyone that has stumbled across my work online, or in person, and has given me a simple “thumbs’ up” if you will – those small bumps keep me motivated day after day.



I don’t sell my work much, I don’t show it much, and I’m not really concerned about that; I’m focused on making work. Knowing that some people are connecting to it is good enough for me.



Some things…

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Hashtags – hate them. So dumb.

I need to blog more.



So, months have gone by. I’ve been moving the family into the burbs, traveling and doing the grind for work, and generally living a pretty domesticated life citizens.  A dude’s gotta have priorities.  Fortunately, I’ve found time to keep plugging away at some new works, and here and there I’ve dragged the boy out to fish with grandpa; those were some great times.

I fished for some pike with MZA, and I even floated the Mississippi with Slint a couple weeks ago – the fishing generally sucked both times, but the company was great.

In the background, I’ve got some projects cooking.  I’m never idle amigos.  2016 is going to be a bitchin’ year…and 2015 still has something to offer.

To everyone out there – don’t let the work grind ya down, and keep the horns high.  Cheers.