Necromancer: John The Engager | 2015 | 10" x 7" | Pen and ink on wood | prints here:

Necromancer: John The Engager | 2015 | 10″ x 7″ | Pen and ink on wood | prints here:

For John.


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Howdy folks.  I’ve been busy cranking out some new work and few other things in preparation for the FT3 stop in River Falls WI on March 6th.  I’ll be there showing my work along with Bob White, Josh Desmit, and John Alexander Piacquadio of The Twin Cities Urban Fly.

If you are in the MN/WI area, I’d love to see you there.


Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | 2015 | 36" x 20" | Mixed media on wood panel

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | 2015 | 36″ x 20″ | Mixed media on wood panel

I finally finished this damn thing.  And it is bitchin’.  For context, go check out Geobass and it will all make sense.  Horns high amigos.

Prints and reproductions available here:

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | Detail


February 1, 2015 — 2 Comments
Risen | 2014 | 8" x 10" | Pen and ink on paper

Risen | 2014 | 8″ x 10″ | Pen and ink on paper

Finally getting around to uploading some works from the later part of 2014 to this website.  Also, making sure all the fish are with the fish and skulls are with the skulls (pages are updated, check em’ out).  This particular piece, “Risen” was a drawing I did on multiple plane rides for work last year.  I ended up trading it with one of my good art buddies, Jason Ruhl for a bitchin’ collage.

In 2015, I’ll keep cranking out work, go fishing whenever I can, make some beer (hopefully) and move.  I have at least a dozen cool pieces in progress that I’m amped about; some new style, refining of media, and overall good direction.

I’m also going to work on landing a show or two, probably for 2016.  The time is right to get the work back out into the public a bit and hustle that game once again.

Cheers amigos!

New Works

December 23, 2014 — 2 Comments
The Unreal Never Lived...

The Unreal Never Lived…

Been wrapping up some detailed works and cranking away at others.  Two finished.  Happy with them.  More Yob, more Pallbearer, more Torche, more beers, more Scotch, more cold nights, more dreams of early trout and popper eating smallies; more basement sessions, more making.

Cheers Amigos – keep those frequencies high.


My Pitch

November 28, 2014 — 1 Comment
Idea Wall

Idea Wall

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  If you’re partaking in some economy building this weekend, please consider supporting small businesses, independent businesses and artisans when possible.

For those that have asked about purchasing my work (and/or already have) thank you for the support – the money I make from my art helps fund making more art. Pretty cool. I’m not inclined to sell originals right now, as I’m trying to build a body of work for potential future shows. I do have reproductions of my work on Society6 – the quality is great (I have several myself) and I keep the prices low/reasonable on purpose. I’m always open to commissions, but I’m picky about which ones I do mostly because my time is limited.

So, that’s my pitch.

Lastly, thanks for following this blog, and letting me know that my work is connecting/relevant.



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On the boards

On the boards

Well, the temps dropped well below freezing round’ these parts a week ago.  That means a few things; break out the space heater, stock up on materials, and dig in for the next few months…well, four months.  Maybe five.

I was born into this environment, and more importantly, I’ve consciously decided to stay in this environment my entire life, and have no intentions of leaving it.  Winters in the Northland mean something to those who embrace it, make it a part of their character, and decide not to complain about the conditions.  We take each Winter and stack it away.

So, I have a lot of ideas ready to be applied to a lot of surfaces. I need to take this Winter and make it mine.

Now, the work begins.