So, months have gone by. I’ve been moving the family into the burbs, traveling and doing the grind for work, and generally living a pretty domesticated life citizens.  A dude’s gotta have priorities.  Fortunately, I’ve found time to keep plugging away at some new works, and here and there I’ve dragged the boy out to fish with grandpa; those were some great times.

I fished for some pike with MZA, and I even floated the Mississippi with Slint a couple weeks ago – the fishing generally sucked both times, but the company was great.

In the background, I’ve got some projects cooking.  I’m never idle amigos.  2016 is going to be a bitchin’ year…and 2015 still has something to offer.

To everyone out there – don’t let the work grind ya down, and keep the horns high.  Cheers.



Out The Other Day

April 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

If you take away a quick jaunt to the Keys with my son to visit the grandparents, the first day of fishing came some weeks ago. Maybe longer.  Can’t quit remember.  A lot of selling a house, buying a house, long work weeks, and so forth have defined the late Winter into Spring time-span.

This was, and is, perfectly acceptable and expected; plans had long been in the works concerning home selling/ownership and colossal work projects.  I knew what my Spring would look like.  Ebbs and flows amigos…right?

Still, a lack of fishing, and a lack of art making is never a good thing.  Sure, you can dull the edge a bit with some fishing videos, good beers, and the company of family.  But, at some point one needs to wade the river, stomp through muck in the lake..and then go drink a beer and maybe draw something.

We all have our hobbies, pursuits, interests and desires that feed the healthy side of our psyche.  If we don’t fulfill them, many times we become unbalanced, agitated, unproductive and to an extreme…pieces of shit.

Let us not be pieces of shit.

Let us find balance.

Things are alright

This Winter | 2015 | 14" x 11" | Pen and ink on wood panel

This Winter | 2015 | 14″ x 11″ | Pen and ink on wood panel

A couple fresh works are done and shipped off; they landed in Idaho just the other day.  Gonna be up in a legit show, with some legit fly fishing artists…more on that later.

Sketchy Brown | 2015 | 16" x 16" | Mixed media on wood panel

Sketchy Brown | 2015 | 16″ x 16″ | Mixed media on wood panel

For now, I’m waxing up a sweet new fishing cap from Coal Headwear courtesy of Bobby at my local fly shop, and I’m looking to schedule some bugger tying and Scotch sippin’ with my man MZA for the upcoming bugger-hatch.

Temps are up, the new jams from Torche are rippin’, and the season is upon us.

Horns high amigos.

Necromancer: John The Engager | 2015 | 10" x 7" | Pen and ink on wood | prints here:

Necromancer: John The Engager | 2015 | 10″ x 7″ | Pen and ink on wood | prints here:

For John.


February 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

Howdy folks.  I’ve been busy cranking out some new work and few other things in preparation for the FT3 stop in River Falls WI on March 6th.  I’ll be there showing my work along with Bob White, Josh Desmit, and John Alexander Piacquadio of The Twin Cities Urban Fly.

If you are in the MN/WI area, I’d love to see you there.


Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | 2015 | 36" x 20" | Mixed media on wood panel

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | 2015 | 36″ x 20″ | Mixed media on wood panel

I finally finished this damn thing.  And it is bitchin’.  For context, go check out Geobass and it will all make sense.  Horns high amigos.

Prints and reproductions available here:

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin' | Detail

Necromancer: Jayrock The Beast of Bitchin’ | Detail


February 1, 2015 — 2 Comments
Risen | 2014 | 8" x 10" | Pen and ink on paper

Risen | 2014 | 8″ x 10″ | Pen and ink on paper

Finally getting around to uploading some works from the later part of 2014 to this website.  Also, making sure all the fish are with the fish and skulls are with the skulls (pages are updated, check em’ out).  This particular piece, “Risen” was a drawing I did on multiple plane rides for work last year.  I ended up trading it with one of my good art buddies, Jason Ruhl for a bitchin’ collage.

In 2015, I’ll keep cranking out work, go fishing whenever I can, make some beer (hopefully) and move.  I have at least a dozen cool pieces in progress that I’m amped about; some new style, refining of media, and overall good direction.

I’m also going to work on landing a show or two, probably for 2016.  The time is right to get the work back out into the public a bit and hustle that game once again.

Cheers amigos!