The Story Remains the Same


4th of July has passed…the Age of Bronze has begun once again.

New Works

Grand Rapids X | 2014 | 6" x 10" | Pen on paper | Print:

Grand Rapids X | 2014 | 6″ x 10″ | Pen on paper | Print:

I was away, drinking homebrews from around the country, talking to some Swedish dude about how to manage homebrewing organizations…drawing in the margins, finding a new love for the music of All Them Witches, and drinking more beers again and again and again from Founders.

Me & The MZA drankin'

Me & The MZA drankin’

Got back to All Them Works…cheers amigos.

Chime at Midnight | 2014 | 11″ x 6″ | Mixed media on paper | Print:

new rokz2

High Road | 2014 | 11″ x 8″ | Mixed media on paper | Print:

new rokz1

Bomber #2 | 2014 | 6″ x 6″ | Mixed media on wood block | Print:

Get to work!


Getting to work on a boat load of new work while the rivers are blown out. Again.  I hope ya’ll are staying active amigos.  Horns High and Tight Lines.

The to-do list…

Keep movin’

Fishing with the boy - he fought this bowfin like a champ.

Fishing with the boy – he fought this bowfin like a champ.

Well amigos, it’s been hard to put time towards the ol’ art, fishing and brewing lately.  Tons of work travel, more work, house stuff, family stuff and a general tripping & fumbling into Spring.

Has it always been this way?   Probably.

Spring has become my favorite time of the year (minus the garage and basement occasionally taking on water).  Forever it was Fall – the time when the temps cooled, decoys were placed pre-dawn, and the Summer’s practice at the archery range was put to test.

Once I hung up the guns, arrows, 1300000000 decoys, and started focusing on fly fishing, the Fall slowly become #2.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors, the smells, and still scan the skies for migrating canvasbacks during Autumn.  You may also catch me on the Bois Brule submitting myself to a steelhead beatdown.  But, as someone once said, “there is a season…etc etc, blah blah blah”.

Out of the Winter funk and into the Spring activity; art benefits from cold and miserable outdoor conditions, but the underlying inspirations, motivations and mojo are scant to come by. Spring is when new stories are created, new inspirations is found, and renewal of the mojo is manifested.

I hope ya’ll are fishing more than you should….brewing your lawnmower beers…and finding some inspiration with the rain, blooming, and rising temps. Keep it movin’.

Tight lines, horns high, and enjoy that beer.


Bugger Hatch 2014


photo 3It was time again for the annual Bugger Hatch.  The time of year right after the big thaw, and raging chocolate milk flows, when the water temps tick up and the troutz starting getting their feed-bag on.

Mixed results this time around; plenty fish seen feeding both on the surface with a good BWO hatch around 1pm, and below surface grabs on my #8 buggers with force.  The weather was perfect – 56º F, overcast skies, and dying wind. The “mixed” part came in my inability to keep fish hooked up.  Almost every good cut and run produced a strike on the first or second swing, and I was consistent in farming them all, minus a few here and there.

One highlight was hooking up with a couple River Redhorses who gave spirited fights.  A mixed bag of brookies, browns, and Redhorse always makes the outing more memorable.  The heavy flows from the previous week also washed down more remains of the brutal winter – at least two deer carcass where spotted.  Overall, a good day on the river.

Today I’ll go look for carp and drums a mile from my house, down by the other river. THE river.  Tonight I’ll get after some drawing and painting.

Tight Lines and High Horns amigos.